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To reach the next level of performance, your body need Universal Nutrition’s Ribose Caps. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or elite athlete, tremendous amounts of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the body’s primary energy-carrying molecule, can be drained from muscles during intense exercise. Ribose, a naturally-occurring pentose sugar, allows the body to quickly replenish valuable ATP pools for enhanced performance and energy levels. Studies show that ribose can increase both new synthesis and salvage rates of adenine nucleotides (e.g., ATP, AMP, ADP). Only Ribose Caps has been further enhanced with phosphate, a basic building block of ATP, ADP and AMP. To maintain peak performance levels, supplementation with Ribose Caps is highly recommended. Using Ribose Caps can help you:* * Promote glucose synthesis * Create pyruvate * Maintain adequate nucleotide levels

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