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CYTOMAX is the ultimate energy and recovery drink that helps you keep on pushing yourself longer, harder and faster. It's designed to help you beat the burn of intense exercise. With both fast and slow acting carbohydrates, Cytomax gives you the burst of power you need to get moving and the long lasting energy to keep you going hour after hour. It helps you overcome the incredible burn of lactic acid, because it contains a proprietary form of lactate, called Alpha-L-Polylactate. The first sport drink "ever" to contain this exclusive compound. In fact, University studies confirm that Polylactate reduces fatigue and lactic acid produced during strenuous endurance activities. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Four Flavors CYTOMAX is available in four refreshing flavors, but only Tangy-Orange Cytomax includes the energy-enhancing herbs ginseng and guarana to kick start your workout. For the serious athlete, this could be the difference between standing on the podium and watching someone else get the roses. For more info click here. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Research Proven Cytomax contains all the key components to enhance your performance. With ingredients like Alpha-L-Polylactate, Succinate ETF, and the amino acids L-glutamine and L-alanine, your workouts will be longer and your recuperation time shorter.

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