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Gain Fast from Universal is the biggest, most powerful, and most massive anabolic weight gaining formula ever developed. It is the future in bodybuilding nutrition. Gain Fast is the first weight gainer synergistically formulated and scientifically-engineered to help you train for solid gains of hard muscle, without fat or wasted calories. Gain Fast utilizes protein-rich nutrients and advanced anabolic gaining agents (such as Colostrum IGF, Arginine Pyroglutamate, Chromium, and many more) to target the cellular growth areas of your muscles, right where you need it most when you1re training to build mass. And Gain Fast is the first weight gainer to offer you a 3000+ calorie potential. The exclusive "Get-Big-Quick Formula" lets you exceed the weight gaining barriers by fueling your body with an incredible 3100 quality calories. And when you want to put on weight fast, nothing beats Gain Fast's "Get-Big-Quick" power. That's why world-class bodybuilders, strength athletes, and pro football players train with Gain Fast.

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