Any order that has a destination outside the United States that is not a US territory is considered an International Order. We will ship to anywhere in the World but most of the time there will be an additional charge according to the following:
Small Packets: A small packet as defined by the United States Post Office is less than 4 pounds and measures: Max. length 24", Max. length, height, depth combined 36" . For orders that qualify as a small packet we will generally be able to send via Airmail with the USPS for the same price as shown on the purchase page. If there is going to be an additional shipping charge we will contact you by e-mail. Delivery time is generally 4-10 days for small packets USPS Airmail.
All Other Packages: For all other packages bound to InterNational destinations we will send you an e-mail with the different shipping options and prices. To get an idea of what the cost for your order will be go to the United States Postal Service
Payment Requirements: If you are a first time customer and your order is over $ 100.00 you will need to send us verification of your payment information. You can do this by faxing a copy of your last credit card statement to 267-565-5138. Make sure the document contains your: Name, Address and Credit Card Number. This is the only way we can verify the validity of your Credit Card and will not ship your order until we receive this information.
Waiver: By placing an order at you agree that Inc. is not responsible for any loss of merchandise resulting from seizures by Customs. You also agree that you, the customer accept full responsibility if your order contains a product that is currently illegal for use or importation into your country.